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About Ecko's Work

ECKOFATL is proud to present a selection of his work. They are widely recognized for unique artistic processes in printmaking, drawing, and painting. Ecko's artwork explores humanity’s desperate obsession with communicating through pictographic images on a micro and macro scale. Reoccurring themes in his artwork are; identity politics, sociological perspectives, cultural perspectives, primary identity, cultural aesthetics, identity systems, and relationships between humanity and technology, nature and technology, and finally semiotic studies . His influences are; asemic writing, folk art, abstraction, cave paintings, mark making, street art, photography, and accidental art.
His process starts by pushing traditional mediums across a vast variety of substrates then utilizing either photography or scanned imaging to complete a work digitally, or he starts a work digitally prints it out then utilizes traditional mediums on top of the work to completion. Often the composition is established before work begins, but sometimes the composition reveals itself to him over time. He has chosen the drawing, painting, and printmaking discipline because it offers many unique techniques and avenues to explore. He feels that the discipline is the broadest, and is a vast environment that he can see his work thriving through. With how much drawing, painting, and digitally editing is present in his work, he could honestly not see himself in another discipline. His ultimate goal as an artist is creative freedom, and creative freedom for all artists, especially young minority American artists.
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